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___________SUMMER INTO FALL CLASS_________


JUNE 1st thru start of NOVEMBER!

SUNDAYS 10am-11:30pm  &  TUESDAYS 3pm-4:30pm 

Let the RIVER refresh and strengthen every part of you, giving your immune system a big boost!

Fun Water Fact: 20 min in the water is 1 hour on land!

WALK, RUN, STROLL IN THE RIVER, thigh to chest high. Class moves comfortably with the current and we return against it. I will guide you in water-fitness strengthening exercises and various fun energy-work clearing movements that are magnified by water (bodies are electro-magnetic, place in water and magnify experience: breath, clearing, ect).  The river is always manageable by either moving closer to shore, to ease up on the current, or out into the middle of the river, for higher intensity. Everyone has a "buddy"! SANDY bottomed Saco River is a pristine Aquifer.  SUGGESTED FOLKS WEAR: water-shoes, hat and sunglasses (opt in water), lip balm and sunscreen; bathing suit or shorts and t-shirt. September/ October: leggings and long sleeve poly shirts most comfortable. BRING: towel, water, snack (opt) and warm covering for afterwards.  ALL LEVELS WELCOME.  MEET at Weston's Beach, Fryeburg, Maine. CALL TO RESERVE. $20 Cash